pedra de lume

Visit Pedra de Lume

Salt has been produced in the Cape Verde islands since the 18th Century. Pedra de Lume on the island of Sal (Salt in English) was one of the main areas for production. In 1985 the operations at Pedra de Lume ceased, but the site has become an interesting place for visitors. You can see the remains of the conveyor system, that could transport 25 tons an hour. A bathe in the water, which is only about 600mm deep is an interesting experience. The salt water makes it easy to float, and the experience is similar to bathing in the Dead Sea. So, if you are visiting Sal, include Pedra de Lume on your itinerary and take a dip in the water. Take some suitable shoes to use in the pool because of the sharp salt crystals.



santa maria beach sal

Santa Maria beach – one of the finest

Santa Maria beach on the island of Sal is considered to be one of the finest beaches anywhere. The white sand beach is some 8km in length and lapped by the azure waters of the Atlantic. Water sports of all kinds can be enjoyed there. These include kite surfing, wind surfing, board surfing, swimming, diving and jet skiing. The town of Santa Maria offers a variety of restaurants, bars and nightlife. Tours of the island can be arranged or can be undertaken by car or quad bike. Sal is only 6 hours by plane from much of Europe. It makes an ideal holiday destination for those who love the beach, but want something a little more also.



tropical resort sal

Tropical Resort, Sal

An apartment in Tropical Resort on the island of Sal provides an excellent base for your holiday. The apartment is only 300m from the beautiful beach of Santa Maria and only a short walk from the town centre. The garden is beautifully laid out and the free-form swimming pool is an attractive feature.

kite surfing sal

Kite surfing on Sal Island

As we enter the windy season in Cape Verde, the attraction of these lovely islands increases for the lovers of kite surfing. Kite beach on Sal island is a mecca for kite surfers. This beach has even been renamed because of its popularity for this sport. The wind conditions here are perfect. There is a cafe/bar and instruction and equipment hire is possible. If you are interested in this sport, why not try Cape Verde, excellent conditions with lovely warm weather and beaches to relax on as well as participating in water sports.

santa maria beach

Visit Cape Verde – Cape Verde Holidays

Cape Verde – Holiday Destination

Both the Daily Mirror and the Sun newspapers recently featured Cape Verde. The Sun’s headline was ‘That’s Sal Folks – Sharks, sandy beaches, salt mines and all-year-round sun is why Cape Verde is a delightful getaway’. The Daily Mirror’s stated ‘Nestled on the coast of northwest Africa, Cape Verde has long been drawing in tourists thanks to its laidback charm’. Visit Cape Verde and find out why it is becoming a popular destination.

These articles are evidence, if evidence was needed, that Cape Verde is fast becoming a destination of choice. The beaches rivalling those of the Caribbean or the Seychelles.

There is a laid-back character to life in Cape Verde, with glorious weather, clear blue waters and long sandy beaches. The approach to tourism is not sophisticated and it varies from island to island. The repeated phrase you will find in Cape Verde is ‘Cape Verde – No Stress’.

You can take to the sea and see turtles, flying fish, dolphins and whales. At the same time you could also be fishing for tuna, wahoo or blue marlin. The same fresh fish are available in many restaurants or to buy on the beach.

Where is Cape Verde?

So where and what is Cape Verde? The country comprises 10 islands, of which 9 are inhabited. Cape Verde is located approximately 350 miles (560km) off the coast of Senegal in West Africa. Each island has its own character, not only in terms of terrain, but also in respect of tourism and sophistication.

Sal Island

Sal is one of the most popular islands for visitors. This is about a 6 hour flight from the UK and many other cities in Europe. Sal is far enough from Europe to feel exotic and charming, while near enough to make it easy to reach.

The bars of Santa Maria, the main tourist destination on Sal, often have live music and before long people are dancing. Furthermore, the beach in Santa Maria is one of the best in the world, with long expanses of soft white sand and the clear blue waters of the Atlantic.

Visit Cape Verde

You should visit Cape Verde it is a great option for a holiday at any time of the year. You have a choice of islands from the flat, peaceful, relaxed atmosphere on Maio, to the mountainous character of Santo Antão or to the lively town of Santa Maria on Sal.

santa maria main beach sal

Photo of the week – Santa Maria beach, Sal island

The lovely beach in Santa Maria on Sal is a great attraction. There are bars and cafes on or close to the beach, but there are also long expanses of beach that are almost deserted. If you walk to the west you will find sand dunes, including one very large one. 

plumbago on sal

Photo of the week – flowers on the island of Sal

These attractive flowers are just some of many that are to be found in the Cape Verde islands. Many of them are not usually found in northern Europe. This example is Plumbago Capensis which produces these lovely blue flowers. These were photographed on the island of Sal.

sal jet skis

Photo of the week – Jet skis on Sal Island

Water sports play a big part in Cape Verde, which is not surprising for a country comprising 10 islands. Kite surfing, wind surfing, swimming, diving, snorkeling and jet skiing are among the activities on offer. Here on the beautiful beach of Santa Maria the equipment you need can be hired including jet skis and surf boards.

sal beach cape verde

Increased tourism in Cape Verde

British holidaymakers have been behind an increase in tourism figures in Cape Verde. Visitor numbers have increased by some 13.6% and British visitors account for over 20% of visitors to the country. German guests amounted to over 11% and visitors from Portugal and France make up just over 10% each. Statistics show that on average UK visitors stayed on the islands longer, with an average of nine nights. The most popular island for visitors was Sal followed by Boa Vista; perhaps not surprising given that there are direct flights from the UK to both these islands.