praia from the air

New Hotel in Praia, Cape Verde

The new hotel and casino planned for Praia is expected to be operational in two and a half years time. The complex, which is to be built on the island of Santa Maria in Praia will also include a marina and convention centre. The project is a Chinese initiative and is to be constructed by a contractor from Beijing. Work on a bridge to link the island to Praia will commence shortly.

solar panels

Solar power for Cape Verde

With its excellent climate and almost unending sunshine, the government of Cape Verde has been awarded a grant by the World Bank to create a solar energy project. The electricity from this installation is to be supplied to hospitals.

sal airport

New Sal airport terminal buildings

New terminal buildings at Sal International Airport (Amílcar Cabral) will improve facilities for passengers. The airport is becoming busier as more and more flights are coming to Sal from Europe. A second similar building is currently under construction.

Cheryl A Place in the sun

TV’s ‘A Place in the Sun’ in Sal

The Channel 4 TV programme ‘A Place in the Sun’ has been filming in Sal, Cape Verde and presenter Jasmine Harman interviewed Cheryl Thomas from Expats Cape Verde (, whose home is in Santa Maria on the island of Sal.